Submit your website to search engines.

We don't automatically submit websites to search engines at this time and note that over time, they will locate your website and index it accordingly. If you'd prefer not to wait, you can submit your website manually by visiting the appropriate location on their website. Some good places to submit your site to are:




We also encourage you to ensure your Sitemap in the Website Settings section of the editor is enabled (it is by default).

Google is its own entity and not related to us. It usually indexes new sites within about 6 weeks from them being live. There are also many ways to help improve your listing. Go to and lookup say "How to rank my site with Google", or take a look at "Google Webmaster Tools" for more information. You can also initiate a listing at

You can also assist by adding what is called Meta Tags. This means you add a title, keywords, and a description to each of your pages. Search engines can read this information to gain in-site into your website. When editing your website from the Control Panel, you select Manage Pages from the tabs at the top. You then select a page, then click Page Properties. You will then see Search Engine Settings. In here you should enter a title related to the page, a description related to that page, and several keywords that relate to the content of that page.

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