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As a courtesy to our customers, we provide online tutorials on how to configure various email software. However our staff will NOT provide support on how to use them. For further assistance in in configuring email on your phone, tablet or email program, please refer to Windows Live Mail website.

To configure your email account in Windows Live Mail, follow the steps below

1. Click on the Accounts tab & then click on the add Email icon.

2. Type in the Email Address, Password, & Display Name.  Check the box for "Manually configure server settings". And then click Next.

3. On the incoming side type in the Server Address, Port & Username.  On the outgoing side type in the Server Address, Port, & make sure you check the box for "Requires authentication". And then click Next.

** Please note that the Domain Name used for the configuration here is ‘’

POP configuration
Account Type: POP
Incoming Mail Server: pop.your-domain-name (eg:
Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.your-domain-name(eg:

IMAP configuration
Account Type: IMAP
Incoming Mail Server: imap.your-domain-name(eg:
Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.your-domain-name(eg:

4. Click Finish.

5. Once back to the main screen click on the send/receive icon to get your mail.

You have successfully configured your Email Address to your Email Client ‘Outlook Express’. You can try sending a Test Email and Test the Accounts Settings.


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