How To Change Name Servers

If your domain is not registered through us, you won't be able to perform the below actions within the Console. You will need to manage the delegation of your domain with the company that you have it registered with. To determine which registrar your domain is registered with and whom to contact for assistance, perform a Whois lookup, this will also allow you to see what name servers your domain is currently delegated to.

  1. Visit
  2. Type your domain into the “Whois” text field
  3. Click “Whois” button to see the “Registrar” for the domain



  1. Log into your account
  2. Using the top navigation bar, navigate to “DOMAINS —> MANAGE”
  3. Click the "ACTIVE" button
  4. Click "NAME SERVERS" tab on the left
  5. Type in the name servers you want in the “Name Server” text fields
  6. Click” Change Name Servers” and you're done.

Click here to recover your login details - If for ANY other reason you are not able to recover your login or password details and would like us to recover either on your behalf, kindly download, complete and fax back the "Password Recovery Form"



This means that that you haven’t transferred your domain name/s into our new registrars’ interface. If you wish to be able to manage your domain name/s, then please follow steps below. This will give you complete visibility of all your registrations, updates and renewals from one simple interface.

Please read and follow the steps outlined at If you have more than one domain name, please transfer them all at the same time. This will give you complete visibility of all your registrations and renewals from one simple interface.

  1. Retrieve your domain password/s from
  2. Even if you were unable to recover your password, continue to the next step
  3. Complete the transfer at
  4. If you were unable to recover your password, then enter "NIL" in the password field
  5. During the checkout process, you MUST sign up as a "NEW CUSTOMER"
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