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For security reasons, we don't accept cancellation requests over the phone, mail, fax or email. You must log into your account if you wish to cancel your subscription.

If you have been charged, it will only be because you have an active service in the billing system and that you haven’t cancelled your automated billing; therefore the amount charged is correct, authorised and non refundable as per our terms and conditions.

To ensure that you are not billed in the future, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your account and scroll halfway down the page
  2. In the “Manage Services” section, click “Manage” under “POP Email”
  3. Click on the domain name
  4. Click “Email Settings”
  5. Select “Disable”
  6. Click” Save Changes” and you're done.

Click here to recover your login details - If for ANY other reason you are not able to recover your login or password details and would like us to recover either on your behalf, kindly download, complete and fax back the "Password Recovery Form"

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